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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Tuscaloosa! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Tuscaloosa, AL. Our watchwords when it comes to providing an animal removal service are fast and friendly. We have served the area for over a decade, and our professional team always look to give you a fast service that will help to deal with your animal problems, and our friendly advisers are available on the phone 24/7. Our success has seen us grow to be one of the largest animal control companies serving the area, and our technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to solve your animal issues safely and reliably. There are many different animal species that can cause problems for homeowners, but one of our specialties is dealing with birds that are nesting or causing a nuisance on the roof or around your property. Smaller birds such as pigeons can be one problem species, but we can also help with larger birds such as turkey vultures or Canada geese as well. Whatever your animal problem, our technicians are available for a quick call-out, and we look to work around your schedule to help you deal with your animal problem. Call us now at 205-814-6286 for your Tuscaloosa wildlife control needs.

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Tuscaloosa Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Best and Safest Ways to Remove Alabama Animals Stuck in Dumpters

The urban Tuscaloosa wild animals will usually treat our garbage bin as their primary food source. It has all the food scraps and perishable items that contains high amount of nutrients. They will be very persistent when collecting the food in our dumpster. Due to their persistence, they will sometimes forget to think about their escape route and will end up stuck inside the dumpster.

What to Do with the Wild Animal Trapped inside the Dumpster

Some Tuscaloosa people will recommend you to simply leave the animal inside the dumpster since they will eventually die inside. However, since they have access to food, they can survive inside for a very long time. Most animals will also receive their water supply on the food that they eat so they will not die from dehydration. Leaving them inside can lead to trouble to those who will interact with the dumpster. You must get them out of the dumpster to avoid this.

Place a Plank

If you want to help the Alabama animal get out of the dumpster, simply placing a plank of wood that they can use as a bridge can help you achieve your goal. Animals are wise, and it will not be too hard for them to figure out that you are providing them an escape route. After placing the plank, move away from the dumpster but keep it opened. Give the animal enough time to escape the dumpster.

Place A Trap Inside

If you want to get them out of the dumpster but you do not want them to cause additional damages, you may place a trap inside the dumpster. This would be the ideal solution if you only have 1-2 animal inside the garbage bin. Be sure to add bait inside the trap to encourage the creature to go deeper inside the device. After capturing them, you may either release them or euthanize them.

How to Prevent the Animals from Getting Inside the Dumpster

As aforementioned, the Alabama animals will consider our trashcans as their primary food source. If you do not want to see an animal trapped inside the dumpster, be sure that you will keep it locked and secured. Some animals such as raccoons can manipulate intricate locking mechanism. You may add heavy object such as cinder blocks on top of the garbage bin if you want to keep them away. In addition, you should also cleverly arrange the trash inside the dumpster. Keep the perishable items below while the non-perishable goods should be on top of the trashcan. You should also clear the waste residue outside of the dumpster.

Waking up in the morning just to find out that your Tuscaloosa garbage bin has been rummaged by the wild animal is such a frustrating situation. Animals can easily form a habit and if you do not repel them, you will have to deal with the trash on the ground each morning.  By doing some preventative measures, you can be certain that your garbage will be safe from the attack of these scavengers.