Do Tuscaloosa Raccoons Eat Other Rodents? Is That Cannabalism?

Raccoons will eat just about anything that is available. They can digest plant-based foods. They can also eat Tuscaloosa insects, fish, and small amphibians. When in a residential community, they will rummage the trashcan and create a mess. They can also help in controlling the population of the rodent. However, you should not let them enter your property and allow them to eliminate the rat or mice infestation. This animal can cause greater damage than smaller rodents.

Feeding Habit of the Raccoon

Raccoons are voracious eater but will prefer to eat the Alabama animals found in the water. This will include fish, snails, frogs, crayfish, and clams. They can also eat insects, dead animals, slugs, eggs, hatchlings, bird. They also love the taste of the vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. When they are close to the humans, they will eat the leftovers and food scraps found in the garbage. While they may not be an incredible hunter, they will prey on mice, rats, squirrels, and gophers. They are not social creatures but will eat with each other when there is a great supply of food.

Eliminating Their Food Source

If you do not want to be visited by a Tuscaloosa raccoon, you need to make sure that your house will be free from a possible food source. While it is impossible to eliminate their food source completely, you can restrict their access by following some of the tips below.

Avoid feeding the Alabama raccoons- feeding this nuisance creature may lead to an undesirable situation. The raccoons that rely on human for food will be bold and will no longer fear the presence of humans. They may act aggressively when you don' t give them food. Artificial feeding has been proven to gather raccoons in the area that can increase the transmission of the disease. Feeding them may also serve as an invitation to stay in our property.

Eliminate Their Access to Your Garbage- You need to make sure that your garbage can will be secured with a tight lid. Raccoons are crafty creatures and they can sometimes manipulate locking mechanism. You may place a heavy item on top of the cover such as bricks or cinder blocks. You may also build a wooden compartment where you can store your garbage can.

Feed Your Pets Indoors- one of the things that can capture the attention of the Alabama raccoons would be the sweet and greasy scent of the pet food. Feeding your pet indoors will guarantee you that you will not be visited by this pesky creature.

Finally, you should also treat the underlying cause of your infestation. There are instances that the Tuscaloosa rat and mice infestation can draw their attention. Keeping the rodents out of your property will also keep the raccoons and other animals at bay. You should also keep your area clean by trimming the grass and shrubs down to proper length and clearing the debris all over your property. You should ask the animal removal specialist to inspect your property during an infestation.

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