How Alabama Monkeys Can Ruin Your Life, What to Watch Out For!

Monkeys are primates that has a close resemblance to Tuscaloosa humans. Despite of the striking similarity, they can cause a lot of troubles. There are some countries where people where taught to coexist peacefully with this animal. Nonetheless, they are still bound to cause problems wherever they may go. Being aware of the problems and risks related with monkey can help you avoid the worst situation.

Different Issues Monkeys May Cause

Last October of 1975, the US banned the selling of imported Alabama monkeys. The possession of monkeys has been restricted for exhibition or scientific purpose. Unfortunately, the law related to importation of monkeys is vague. Therefore, you will still see some pet monkeys sold in your local pet store. Before you decide to have your own pet monkey, consider the problems that it may cause.


Monkeys can carry serious diseases that are transmissible to humans. The disease will depend upon the location where they are found. Some of the known diseases carried by monkeys include Mayaro virus, Tanapox virus, Yellow Fever, and Kyasanur Forest virus. Some of this disease will depend upon parasites and mosquitoes to transmit. They may also be diagnosed with Simian virus 40 that can be transmitted to humans through vaccine that is contaminated with monkey tissue.

Mood Swings

The behavior of the Tuscaloosa monkey is unpredictable. They tend to have a violent mood swing particularly those Alabama primates who have human parents that developed an identity issue. While you may think that your monkey is generally peaceful and loving, they may attack your family member or a stranger without any warning. This attack is an attempt to assert their perceived position in the family. They can also attack when they feel fear. People who do not come across monkeys that often are unaware of their violent mood swing.


Monkeys are known as unsanitary Alabama creatures. The parasites that are living in their intestines can be shared with the whole family. Having a pet monkey requires a high amount of patience and dedication. You will have to clean through their mess. Due to their unpredictable behavior, they can also damage your personal property. You might want to keep your valuables stored securely to avoid any damages.

What to Do If Bitten by a Monkey

If you have been bitten by a healthy monkey that has been diagnosed free from herpes or tuberculosis, you are probably safe from the heath threats. Once bitten, you need to think about if you should call the local officials to inform them. Remember that most health departments will not be sympathetic towards the monkeys and will insist to chop its head to send to the lab for further testing. This is quite unfortunate since not a lot of monkeys will be infected with rabies. You will have to put a betadine and an antiseptic on the wound to prevent infection. If the wound is deep, be sure to consult your local physician.

Wild Tuscaloosa monkeys have higher possibility to transfer zoonoses. Monkeys that belongs in a large group can also carry diseases. Species of monkeys that came from Asia and Africa also have a higher chance to be infected. These are some of the risks and problems that the monkeys may cause to humans.

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