How Often Does One Alabama Snake Attract More Snakes?

There are instances when the presence of the snake will attract other snakes and there are times when they will repel them. For instance, during the mating season, a female snake will attract the attention of male snakes. Some snakes will eat snakes such as the king snake. If there is a king snake in your area, this will keep the other snakes away. Most snakes are not social creatures but they can still tolerate the presence of other snakes especially during the colder months.

Cases Where Snakes Will Attract Other Snakes

If the estrogen level of the male species is higher compared to the Tuscaloosa female species, the females will be attracted by the male snakes. Snakes can attract each other during the mating season. There are also times that each snake will prefer to share their den and resources with each other. Snakes will sometimes have a communal den. With their pheromones, the snakes will also be attracting other snakes. Larger species of snakes will have a higher amount of pheromones that enables them to attract more snakes.

Ways to Avoid Attracting the Snakes

If you want to avoid attracting the Alabama snakes, you want to make sure that your house will be less desirable in the eye of this slithering vermin. Generally, the snakes will be attracted in the area that is cool, damp, and sheltered. Be sure to eliminate the areas of your house that will provide them a condition that is similar to a cave. The piles of woods and debris should be cleared.

Reduce the Watering- Watering can attract the snake. In case you keep your yard properly irrigated, it is highly likely that you will attract the presence of the birds, lizards, and snakes that will also attract the snakes.

Controlling the Rodent- The Tuscaloosa snakes will love the taste of the smaller reptile, birds, and rodents. In order to avoid the unwanted visit from the snakes, you need to keep the rodents away. Some of the elements that can attract the attention of the rodents include the nesting box and birdfeeders.

Trim the Grass- It is highly likely for the Alabama snakes to move on tall grass. This will help them remain concealed from the predators. They can also be easily spotted by humans if the grass on your yard is short. Shrubs and trees should also be trimmed down to the appropriate length. There should be a gap of about 24-36 inches under the shrubs or the tree that will prevent the snakes from using them.

There are absolutely no 100% effective methods that will prevent the Tuscaloosa snakes from lounging in our property. When the methods that we mentioned above failed to keep your property protected, it is time for the professionals to step in. They are armed with the equipments and experience that will help them remain safe during the process. They can also help you avoid recurring visit from the snake by determining the elements that are attracting them.

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